5. Ring Equipment

5.1 Requirements: The following ring equipment shall be available:

  • Two shallow trays.
  • Four seats – two seats for seconds from the blue corner and two seats for seconds from the red corner. We do not use seats for athletes.
  • Two plastic mugs to be used for drinking and mouth wash only, and where water is not piped directly to the ringside, two plastic spray bottles and two small plastic bottles for drinking. No other type of water bottles are permitted at ringside for use by the athletes or seconds.
  • Table and chairs for officials.
  • Gong (with striker) or bell.
  • One (preferably two) stop watches.
  • Pads of scoring paper conforming to the pattern drawn up by IFMA. No need for such papers if an electronic judging system is used.
  • One microphone connected to the loud speaker system and another for back up.
  • One stretcher.
  • Tape.