9. The Second

9.1 The Second: Each competitor is entitled to 2 seconds who shall be governed by the following rules:

 9.1.1        Only the two seconds shall mount the apron of the ring and only one may enter the ring.

9.1.2        During the competition, none of the seconds shall remain on the platform of the ring. Before a round begins, they shall remove from the platform of the ring, seats, towels, buckets, etc.

9.1.3        The second, while officiating in the corner, shall be in possession of a towel for the athlete. A second may give up for a competitor, and may, when he considers his athlete to be in difficulties, throw the towel into the ring – except when the referee is in the course of counting.

9.1.4        When attending to the athlete, seconds are permitted to spray a reasonable amount of water, using only a spray bottle. Spraying the athlete by any other means i.e. orally is strictly prohibited.

9.1.5        The chairman of the R/J commission at each tournament shall arrange a joint meeting of the R/Js and the seconds who are going to work in each tournament and emphasize that IFMA rules will be followed. A second whom is in violation of the rules will be disqualified and/or may cause the athlete to be warned or disqualified.

9.1.6        No bad advice, bad assistance or bad encouragement shall be given to an athlete by a second during the progress of the rounds. If a second violates the rules, he/she may be warned or disqualified. His/her athlete may also be cautioned, warned or disqualified by the referee for offences committed by his/her seconds. Any second or official encouraging or inciting spectators by words or signs to advise or encourage an athlete during the progress of a round shall not be permitted to continue to act as a second at the tournament where the offense is committed. If a second is removed by the referee from the corner, he/she shall not officiate any more in that session of the competition. Once such an official is removed from the corner by the referee, he/she shall leave the boxing hall for the remainder of the session. If this happens during a tournament he/she is removed as a second for that tournament.


9.2   Seconds Attire. No shorts, jeans, leather jackets, hats (caps), open-toed shoes, vests or other inappropriate clothing is allowed. The tracksuit of the National Association is recommended.