7. The Draw And Byes

7.1 The Draw: The draw shall take place after the medical examination and weigh-in. The draw must take place in the presence of official representatives of the teams concerned and must ensure where practicable that no competitor shall box twice in the competition before all other competitors have boxed at least once. In special situations, the Executive committee of IFMA has the right to depart from this rule. The draw shall proceed first for the athletes to box in the first series and then for the byes. However, no athlete may be awarded a World or Continental Championship Medal without having boxed.

7.2 Byes: In competitions where there are more than four competitors, a sufficient number of byes shall be drawn in the first series to reduce the number of competitors in the second series to 4, 8, 16 or 32. Competitors drawing a bye in the first series shall be the first to box in the second series. If there are an odd number of byes, the athlete who draws the last bye will compete in the second series against the winner of the first bout in the first series.  Where the number of byes is even, the athlete drawing byes shall box the first bouts in the second series in the order in which they are drawn.  No medal shall be awarded to an athlete who has not boxed at least once.

7.3 Order of the program: in the World Championships and Continental Championships, the order of the program should be arranged so far as practicable in the order of weights so that in each series the lightest weights will be run off first and thence in order of weights up to the heaviest in arranging the daily programs, the wishes of the hosts may be accommodated as long as this does not call into question the results of the draw.

7.4 Bouts Per Competition Day: An athlete is only permitted to compete in a maximum of one (1) bout per day. In special circumstances, IFMA or the Continental Bureau has the authority to allow an athlete to compete in more than one (1) bout per day.