1. The Ring

1.1. Requirements: In all competitions, the ring shall conform with the following requirements:

1.1.1 Size: The minimum size shall be 4.9m and the maximum size 6.10m inside the line of the ropes. In the International championships, the size of the ring shall be 6.10 x 6.10 metres inside the ropes. The ring shall not be less than 90 cm or more than 1.20 m above the ground.

1.1.2. Platform and Corner Pads: The platform shall be safely constructed, level and free from any obstructing projections and shall extend for at least 85 cm outside the line of the ropes.  It shall be fitted with four corner posts which shall be well padded or otherwise so constructed as to prevent injury to the athletes. The corner pads/posts should be arranged in the following way;

  • Red – in the nearer left-side of the Jury’s table
  • White – in the far left-side corner of the Jury’s table
  • Blue – in the far right-side of the Jury’s table
  • White – in the near right corner of the Jury’s table

1.1.3. Floor Covering: The floor shall be covered with felt, rubber or other suitable (approved) material having the same quality of elasticity, not less than 1.5 cm. and not more than 2.00 cm thick over which canvas shall be stretched and secured in place.  The felt, from the rubber of other approved material and canvas shall cover the entire platform.

1.1.4. Rope: There shall be 4 ropes with a thickness of minimum of 3 cm and maximum of 5 cm tightly drawn from the corner posts at 40 cm, 70 cm, 100 cm and 130 cm high respectively. The ropes shall be covered with a soft or smooth material. The rope shall be joined on each side, at equal intervals, by two pieces of closely textured canvas 3 to 4 cm wide.  The pieces must not slide along the rope.

1.1.5. Steps: The ring shall be provided with 3 sets of steps – 1 set at each of the opposite corners for the use of contestants and one set in the neutral corner for use by the referees and doctors.

1.1.6. Plastic Bag: In the 2 neutral corners outside the ring, a small plastic bag shall be fixed in which the referee shall drop the cotton or tissue pads, used by him to stop bleeding.

1.2. Additional Rings: 2 or more rings may be used in important championships.