15. Timekeeper & Announcer

15.1 Duties of the Timekeeper:

15.1.1    The main duty of the timekeeper is to regulate the number and duration of the rounds, the intervals between rounds.  The intervals between rounds shall be of a full (1) minute duration.

15.1.2    The timekeeper shall commence and end each round by striking the gong or bell.

15.1.3    Indicate or give a signal of 10 seconds to clear the ring before the commencement of each round.

15.1.4    The timekeeper shall take off time for temporary stoppages or when instructed to do so by the referee.

15.1.5     The timekeeper shall regulate all periods of time and counts by a watch or clock.

15.1.6    At a “Knock-down” the timekeeper shall signal to the referee with his/her hand the passing of the seconds while the referee is counting.

15.1.7    If, at the end of a round, an athlete is “down” and the referee is in the course of counting, the gong indicating the end of the round will not be sounded.  The gong will be sounded only when the referee gives the command “CHOK” indicating the continuation of the match.

15.2 Duties of Announcer:

15.2.1    Announce the name, club or country, weight and corner of both athletes to the public whenever they appear in the ring.

15.2.2    10 seconds before the commencement of each round he/she shall clear the ring by ordering “clear the ring” or “seconds out”.

15.2.3     Announce the beginning and ending of each round.

15.2.4     Announce the result of the competition and name of the winner.

15.3 Position: They shall be seated directly at the ringside.