6. Medical Examination Weigh-In and Weight Classification For International Competitions

6.1 Medical Examination:

6.1.1 In the time fixed for the weigh-in: A competitor must be passed as fit to compete by the doctor appointed by the organising committee before being weighed in. To ensure a smooth running of the weigh-in, the organising committee may decide to begin the medical examination at an earlier time.

6.1.2. At the medical examination and weigh-in, the athlete shall produce his/her international competition record book provided by IFMA.

       6.1.3. All athletes competing at all IFMA international level events must have a                        completed the IFMA Athletes Medical Declaration form signed by their doctors prior to            leaving their home countries for an eventThis form must be duly completed and                    submitted together with their boxers book at weighin.

All Junior 16-17 and Senior division athletes will also be required to submit laboratory test results for HIV, Hepatitis B and C. The laboratory test results must be no older than 6 months prior to competition date. Failure to submit this form at weighin will result in the athlete not being permitted to compete. The form can be found on the IFMA website under the “Athlete Health & Safety” drop down menu.

      Female Fighters: Each female contestant, during the pre-fight physical, will be                        required to sign a Non Pregnancy declaration as part of the Medical Declaration Form.

6.2 Weight Classification

Elite, Competitive Class, Under 23 Weight Category:


Youth 16-17 Division Weight Category:

Junior 16-17

Youth 14-15 Division Weight Category:

Junior 14-15

Youth 12-13 Division Weight Category:

Junior 12-13

Youth 10-11 Division Weight Category:

Junior 10-11

Download the full Division & Weight Category Table here

**In order to have a medal ceremony there must be at least 3 athletes in the division.

6.3 Weigh in

1. World Championships, Continental Championships and International Championships:

The following shall be the regulations regarding the weigh-in:

  • The contestants in all weight divisions shall be required to be ready to weigh in on the first morning of the competition or day before the first competition day as specified by IFMA or the Continental Bureau on the competition schedule at an hour appointed between 7 am and 10 am. On the following competition days only those who are drawn to box shall appear at the same time between 7 to 9 am. It shall be in the power of the Organising Committee or other IFMA authorised delegates to relax this condition slightly if unavoidable delays occur. Competition shall not commence earlier than three clear hours after the time appointed for the close of the weigh-in or such shorter time as the Organising Committee or other IFMA authorised delegates after consulting the Medical Commission shall decide is suitable and not liable to be detrimental to an athlete taking part in the early bouts of the forthcoming boxing session.
  • Delegates authorised by IFMA shall supervise the weigh-in.  A delegate of the National Association of each contestant may be present at the weigh-in but may not in any way interfere.
  • The weight registered at the official weigh-in on the first day decides the weight class of the athlete for the whole of the competition but he/she will still be required to weigh-in each day on which he/she is due to box to ensure that his/her actual weight on that day does not exceed the maximum of his/her weight class. A contestant may only box in the weight for which he/she has qualified at the official weigh-in.
  • A competitor will be allowed to present himself/herself at the official scales only once at the weigh-in each day. The weight recorded on that presentation is final. On the first day, it is permissible, however, for the National Team-manager of a competitor who has failed to make the weight at the original weigh-in to enter him/her there upon for the higher or lower weight for which he/she is qualified. But only if this country has a free place at that weight and the weigh-in is not yet closed. It is also permissible for a National Federation to substitute one athlete for another at anytime up to the close of the first weigh-in and the medical examination, provided that in any competition where reserves are permitted, the substituted athlete has been entered as a reserve for the weight or any other weight.
  • The weight is the one shown by the attested scale. The male athlete being in light underwear only and female athlete in light underwear and a bra top. The weight shall be in the metric scale. Electronic scales are recommended.