Whistleblower Policy

PDF Version can be downloaded here: IFMA Whistleblower Policy


International Federation of Muaythai Amateur is dedicated to conducting all of its practices ethically, morally and within a legitimate frame work to the highest degree. Anyone reporting on another person to have participated in acts deemed as, unlawful, regarding incorrect financial data or violating IFMA bylaws, policies and procedures, or improper conduct which violates the IFMA will be supported and matters will be handled with the utmost of professionalism.


  1. Reporting Responsibility

The IFMA Whistleblower Policy is intended to encourage and enable employees, promoters, spectators and everyone involved in the sport to bring to attention any illegal practices or serious violations with regard to IFMA policies, so that they can be addressed and the correct conduct and action can be taken. The individuals or groups that can be reported regarding these matters include, the federation itself, its leadership or others acting on its behalf with matters relating but not limited to accounting, auditing, ethical violations, harassment or discrimination as well as any other acts or behaviours deemed as improper conduct.

  1. Anonymity

IFMA holds the capacity for complainants to have their identity disclosed when reporting information on others and every effort will be made to ensure this. However, we would advise for those wishing to file a complaint to submit their names so that a solid case can be built and increase the likelihood of the alleged acts being taken more seriously as a more thorough investigation can be conducted.

  1. Method for Reporting

Complainants wishing to pass on information are able to do so using our “Whistleblower’s Box” on the IFMA website. Aside from been convenient this will help ensure anonymity for those seeking it and will actively encourage people to pass on information without fear of repercussion.  The information will then be dealt with by our compliance officer and addressed immediately.

  1. No Retaliation

It is contrary to the values of IFMA in the event of a report to retaliate against any staff, volunteers or member associations filing a complaint in good faith regarding a violation or suspected violation. However, IFMA also reserves the right to discipline anyone who makes an accusation under false pretenses.

  1. Compliance

In order for our goal of transparency and accountability to be achieved IFMA must ask for full compliance from all of its members. It is the responsibility of all board members, officers, employees and volunteers to report concerns about violations of IFMA’s code of ethics or suspected violations of law or regulations that govern IFMA’s operations.

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