2012 World Championships Opening Ceremony: Tonight

The Russian Muaythai Federation has promised an exciting opening ceremony. IFMA would like to wish everyone all the best!

The SportAccord Media Workshop for the World Combat Games is being held during the World Championship, as is the AGM, and the commission and continental meetings. The competition venue is the Jubilee Sports Hall (Yubileyny Sports Hall).




  1. pelado says:

    link online to the fights?????

  2. ricardo martinez says:

    1. – When the tournament starts?
    2. – Where they will publish the results?

    • IFMA Admin says:

      The opening ceremony is tonight. The competitions start tomorrow afternoon. We’ll we doing our best to put up results day by day. Thanks for following !


  3. PKC Manila says:

    Who are the fighters from the Philippines facing today? Any updates you guys could give would be great. Thanks a lot in advance!

    Regards from Manila!

    • IFMA Admin says:

      Hi there,
      Sorry not to have put up any results before, we’ll be putting up the day’s fights every morning, starting tomorrow. Thanks for checking in!


  4. Stéphane says:

    Hi, could you please publish the results of the fights? For a big competition like this one it would be great to know if our friends are doing great. Thank you.

    • IFMA Admin says:

      Hi Stephane,
      Yes, we will be publishing the results, starting tonight. We will also be trying to get the next day’s fight schedule up. Thanks for asking!


  5. Nico D'haenen says:

    Looking forward to it. Send my regards to team Philippines if you run into them. Just tell them Coach Nico said hi:)