Kazakhstan Is First to Register the World Championships 2018

Kazakhstan is the first country to register their full team for the World Championships with the strongest athletes on the list in Kazakh history. The World Championships in Mexico is looking to be a triumphant event for Kazakhstan with the athletes winning gold and silver medals at previous events throughout 2017.

Elaman Sayasatov, the silver medalist of the World Games 2017 who has an amazing technique will be a main confidence booster for the team after an outstanding performance last year.

Yelaman Sayassatov (KAZ) winning KAMARY Amirhossein (IRI) in the semi-final of the Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games 2017

Vadim Loparev gave his 100% at the Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games in Ashgabat and became the viewers’ favorite losing very little to the Iranian Keivan Soleimani in a very close bout. Vadim was one of the reasons team Kazakhstan received the Team Spirit award from IFMA for his amazing performance of sportsmanship at the event. In his 75 kg division Vadim will have rivals from hell with World Games gold medalist Vital Hurkou from Belarus, Stanislav Perzhanovsky from Ukraine and Diogo Callado from Portual. Vadim has personal accounts with Diogo who kicked him out of the tournament in the World Championships 2017 at the ¼ final.

Vadim Loparev (KAZ) Vs Raja Benoit (TAH) 1/4 final of the Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games 2017

Almaz Sarsembekov is going to demonstrate the worth of his gold medal in the competitive class in Mexico after beating all his competitors in Minsk in the competitive class winning gold. There is no way back for him to the lower division and he will start his career anew among the elite athletes.

Almaz Sarsembekov vs KOKKRACHAI Chotichanin in the semi-final of the Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games 2017

Ishan Galiev was one of the core team members of Kazakhstan in 2016, making the team after missing a year. He will be one of the athletes to perform in the new weight division of 63,5 kg. In the past events his arch rival was a multiple world champion, a Ukrainian tank Konstantin Trishyn. This time Ishan has a chance to surprise another undisputed Ukrainian force in 63,5 Igor Liubchenko.

A number of new names may become famous after the World Championships in Mexico with Kazakhstan bringing a team of 11 athletes to Cancun.

Team Kazakhstan winning the Team Spirit award at the Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games 2017