Day 3 at the 30th SEA Games Fires Up the Action

Today’s action heated up the stadium at the Subic Bay Convention & Exhibition Centre with some elite level action in the Men’s divisions to a full house for the second day of the combat muaythai competition.

In the first bout in the 54kg division, Vietnam’s Huy Quang Nguyen battled it out with Voeurn Vann from Cambodia. Both athletes with similar body type and height, it was a true test of skill. Vann dominated all 3 rounds and took the win 30-27 to face off with Philippine’s Ariel Lee Lampacan in tomorrow’s line up.

The next 54kg division bout saw Malaysia’s Riedzwan Norsyahmie Daud go toe to toe with Madlani from Indonesia. With powerful kicks Madlani fell short of Malaysia’s combinations in the first round giving it to Riedzwan. Malaysia continued to dominate in the 2nd round sending the Indonesian to the mat with a powerful and well-timed push kick.

Riedzwan prevailed with the Indonesian corner throwing in the towel at 50 seconds to go in the final round and will meet the winner of the next bout in round two.

In a face paced action packed battle and final first round match of the 54kg division , Thailand’s Sakchai Chamchit faced off with Laotian Thongbang Seuaphom, both bringing their A-game to the delight of the crowd. A playful dance with back and forth taunts made for an entertaining first round, both athletes seeming to have as good a time as the crowd cheering them. However, Sakchai had a better time and took the first round 4 to 1. Seuaphom fought back hard in the second round which went from fun to fierce, bringing the score to a tie at the end of the round. Final round was an intense and fuel injected battle, weapons flying from both sides. Thailand took the win to face Malaysia in round two of the competition.

Kicking off the first round of the 57kg division was Malaysia’s Mohd Ali Yaakub against Vietnam’s Nguyen Long Duan. Vietnam with a slight height advantage and Malaysia fell short in the first round which went to Vietnam 5-0. Yaakub came back fighting in the second round showing good technique on point to even out the score to a tie at the end of the round. The final round was kick for kick, punch for punch and it was Nguyen to take the win to face Indonesia in tomorrow’s line up.

The day’s penultimate bout in the 57kg division was a thrilling battle between Makara Tanh of Cambodia and Kay Ketnouvong from Laos. Fans cheering both in the stadium and tuning in on IFMA’s FB Live Feed went crazy throughout all 3 nail-biting rounds of action. The first round started off with both executing swift, sharp and snappy techniques, the Cambodian putting the Laotian to the mat with a well timed low kick winning him the round 5-0. Second round saw a clash in the clinch, both sides throwing knees left right and centre. Kay managed to equalise the score at the end of the round convincing 3 out of 5 judges to go his way. The final round was all out madness both in the stands and in the ring. In a brilliant performance, Kay from Laos defeated his opponent winning 29-28 to face the winner of the day’s final match in round two.

The final bout of the day drew local fans to fill the stands and cheer for the home team’s gold quest hopeful Phillip Delarmino. Facing off with Singapore’s De Jun Lee, the two combatants delivered three rounds of muaythai mayhem that brought the decibel level of cheers off the charts in the stadium. Delarmino put Lee to the mat with a precision punch and to the ear shattering screams of the fans winning him the round  with 10-8 scores all round. Delarmino continued to dominate throughout the second round taking the round 5-0 once again. Philippines took the victory with an overwhelming margin 30-2 to face Kay Ketnouvong from Laos in the next day’s line up.

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