5 Athletes Under 20 Years to Follow in 2020

IFMA Athletes have shown an amazing Muaythai in recent years and the level young athletes perform is blending with the skills of IFMA champions. IFMA is highlighting 5 athletes under 20 years who demonstrated excellent skills and will be the ones to follow this year in Muaythai events.
Tierra Brandt (USA)

Tierra Brandt (18) has been impressing the world since she started her career in IFMA. 7 bouts and 7 victories in two events is an excellent results and Tierra is moving to the senior divisions as an undefeated champion. 57 kg is a truly challenging division to compete in the Elite and 2020 will definitely be an exciting year for the US team with Tierra representing her country among the world best athletes.
Aik Begian (RUS)

Aik Begian (19) is a true prodigy of modern Muaythai. Winning gold medals in each event within the last five years Aik knows no defeats in medal events.

Debuting in the elite divisions at the World Muaythai Championships 2018 in Mexico Aik received the Best Athlete award for winning one of the toughest 60 kg divisions pulling gold from the Thai opponent in the final. 2020 will give opportunity for athlete to challenge the Aik and for spectators to see if there is anyone able to stop the young Russian.

Azrilrizal, Nur Amisha (MAS)

Nur Amisha is the current youth world champion proving herself against the toughest imaginable opponents. All of her three bouts were worth a final. Even the Russian Liubov Plakhova couldn’t stop https://ifma.rsportz.com/divisions/43650/brackets Nur Amisha from getting to the highest step of the awarding podium.

After the triumphant Youth World Championships Our Amisha took another challenge entering the South East Asian Games and it was a true test for her facing IFMA strongest Elite athletes. Her bout against the host of the Games Jenelyn Olsim was worth 10 youth bouts giving the young Malaysian an excellent experience before her appearance in the IFMA tournaments.

Riley Foden (CAN)

Riley Foden is the future of the Canadian Muaythai. His appearance in U23 division of the World Championships 2019 in Thailand in the age of 17 turned heads of the spectators who wanted to see how an athlete from the youth division will compete against the opponents having few tournaments in Elite behind them. And it was a true sensation to see the Canadian going to the semifinal and showing a bright Muaythai in a bout with the host of the event.

Riley used his last chance to be part of the Youth World Championships and it was a serious challenge for every athlete in 51 kg. Riley was the one to go all the way to the final leaving behind representatives of Russia, Israel and Algeria. His final against Thai was the last obstacle towards the gold, and a valuable lesson on how to win it next time.

Anton Sjoqvist (SWE)

Anton Sjoqvist is making the presence for the Swedish team in the male divisions. In his 18 years Anton could compete on the same level with IFMA strongest athletes. His KO against the Russian in 1/8 of the World Championships will be reviewed by the Swedish spectators many more times.

This year Anton is expected to challenge 75 kg division again and see the best IFMA athletes in the field of play around the world.

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