IFMA is aware that Muaythai athletes may be subject to an illness or medical condition which requires them to take specific medications.

Prescribed medications may sometimes contain ingredients or happen to be on the annual WADA Prohibited List. The athlete must be aware if this is the case, and complete a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) application in order to receive authorization to take the necessary medicine.

Authorization will be granted if the TUE application criteria are met, for example: showing that there is a serious health concern if the athlete does not take the medication, showing that the medication will not enhance the athlete’s sporting performance, and showing that no alternative medication or treatment can be used.

A TUE may be granted either by IFMA (the International Federation) or the National Anti-Doping Organization (NADO) of the country to which the athlete belongs.

To learn more about the process of TUE, follow this link to Standards for Granting TUEs:


Click here to download the IFMA Therapeutic Use Exemption form:


For a complete Q & A on Therapeutic Use Exemptions, please visit the WADA website:


The international events for 2017 in which IFMA athletes with medical requirements will be expected to submit TUEs are:

1. IFMA World Championships 2017 (3-13 MAY, BLR)

2. IFMA Youth World Championships 2017 (3-11 AUG, THA)

3. Pan-American Championships (4-8 OCT, MEX)

4. European Championships 2017 (14-21 OCT, FRA)

5. Jincheon Youth Martial Arts Masterships (3-5 NOV, KOR)

6. African Championships (15-17 DEC, MAR)


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