Youth athletes honour the history of muaythai in Muay Boran contest

Everyone has seen the famous Ong Bak movie, which made Muay Boran world-famous and showed the effectiveness of the unarmed combat from the old battlefieds of Siam.This week the young athletes took these ancient maneuvers and made them their own. Read More

Golden finals for European muaythai in Prague

Gold for Czech Republic – Jakub Klauda wins at 91kg

After an exciting week of muaythai, some of the best bouts took place on the last day as the men’s and women’s divisions drew to a close. Some of the most well-known names in muaythai including Dmitry Valent, Vital Hurkou, Jimmy Vienot, Ali Dogan and Svetlana Vinnikova, Nili Block all jumped the ropes for a chance at gold in Prague. Read More

Day 5 in Prague for European Muaythai with gold medals for men’s and women’s divisions

Gold for Angela Mamci Sweden

Today saw the second round of medal bouts with muaythai athletes including Anatoli Sukhanov and Angela Mamic taking gold. Read More