World Athletes are getting ready for the 2019 World Championships

The elite athletes of the world are starting to trickle into Bangkok for the 2019 IFMA World Championships themed: “Muaythai is Coming Home”. The last 5 World Championships have been in Russia, Malaysia, Belarus, Sweden and Mexico and 2019 has been awarded to the Motherland after muaythai gained recognition by the IOC. The event is held in honor of His Majesty King Rama X Birthday. Over 100 countries and over 1400 participants are expected to attend. Read More

Press Conference WC2019

The official press conference took place at the Sport Authority of Thailand to announce the 2019 IFMA World Championships and the final number of teams and participants. Read More

Javad Nasiri Appointed President of Muaythai Iran

Javad Nasiri needs no introduction in the world of muaythai. He has been the former President and has been praised by many for his stand for the athletes in Iranian muaythai. Under his leadership many international events in the Islamic Republic of Iran have been held in which athletes from around the world have participated in sporting and cultural exchange.

IFMA would like to congratulate Mr. Nasiri regarding his appointment and are looking forward to his cooperation in the development of the Islamic Republic of Iran.