The History of TAFISA

TAFISA began in the 1960s as the semi regular gathering of international but individual personalities and leaders interested and working in the field of Sport for All, under the title ‘Trim and Fitness’.  At the time, Sport for All was a little known concept.

In 1991, the organization TAFISA, Trim And Fitness International Sport for All Association, was officially formed and its statues registered with the law courts of Frankfurt, Germany.

In 2005, TAFISA became professional with the opening of its office, also in Frankfurt, Germany.  Since then, the office has grown to staff up to four people.  In addition, TAFISA has full time employees working in the office of the President.

In 2008, Muaythai had the largest number of participants compared to all the other sports at the 2008 TAFISA Games, and IFMA was praised for its strong cultural and educational exchange programs.

In 2009, TAFISA officially changed its name to ‘The Association For International Sport for All’ to more accurately describe its activities and its position as the leading international Sport for All association.

In 2011, IFMA became a fully recognized member of TAFISA.

The 6th TAFISA Sport For All Games will be held in 2016 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

TAFISA’s Vision and Mission

To achieve an Active World by globally promoting and facilitating access for every person to Sport for All and physical activity.

TAFISA’s primary focus is on:

  • Lobbying internationally for Sport for All,
  • Providing and coordinating programs and events,
  • Providing networking and experience transfer platforms.

To this end, TAFISA:

  • Believes Sport for All & physical activity are basic human rights
  • Supports promotion/development of traditional sports and games
  • Sees Sport for All as a major contributor to individual, social, community and national life quality
  • Supports international exchange and
  • Supports education of leaders
  • Cooperates with health, culture, education and recreation
  • Assumes political leadership and provides practical events and programs
  • Supports diversity, inclusiveness and member development

Message from Shang-hi Rhee

TAFISA President (2008)

Sport competition of any kind is a wonderful tool to bring people together through friendly contest.  It equally is an opportunity to exchange cultures within all the participating sports and countries.

Martial arts, in particular, are built on traditions and values as well as cultures as an instinctive part.  Muaythai is one of these martial arts enriched with traditions that were passed on from generation to generation.  It has earned recognition of a worldwide sport upon becoming a member of GAISF through IFMA, the world governing body for amateur muaythai.

Muaythai has the largest number of participants than any other sport in this year’s TAFISA Games.  Beside the competitions, Muaythai brings with it a fantastic cultural exchange program between selected schools throughout Korea and participating muaythai countries.  This is a significant project, which conforms to the Olympic principle.

It gives me greatest honour to welcome all muaythai athletes and officials from all countries throughout 5 continents to Busan.  I wish all participants the best of luck and hope that you all have an unforgettable experience at the TAFISA Games.

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