Marius Vizer, President SportAccord

Marius Vizer FacebookMessage from Marius Vizer, President of SportAccord,

Muaythai University World Cup under Patronage of FISU, Bangkok, 2015

SportAccord is proud to have Muaythai, under the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur (IFMA), as a full member since 2006. Muaythai is one of the 15 recognized combat sports in SportAccord and is a very popular sport in the World Combat Games. Muaythai was one of the first sports to launch the SportAccord Real Player program in a special ceremony in 2013 with representatives from over 90 countries in attendance.

Using sport to make a positive contribution to society is a very important part of Muaythai. This is evident through IFMA’s projects such as Sport is Your Gang, in partnership with Peace & Sport, Muaythai Against Drugs, and their joint campaign with UN Women on the UNiTE to End Violence Against Women campaign. IFMA’s efforts in contributing towards society was acknowledged by the world sporting community last year when Muaythai won the 2014 SportAccord “Spirit of Sport” award. These social initiatives show that participation in sport is not only for competition, but also an opportunity to work towards something larger than oneself.

I would like to congratulate IFMA on organising the first ever Muaythai University World Cup, under patronage of FISU. I believe that IFMA, the athletes, coaches, and all stakeholders will continue to contribute towards society, especially with the special youth Sport and Education Forum which will be conducted during the competition days. I would like to wish the athletes from the participating nations all the best in the competition, and I hope that all participating athletes, coaches and stakeholders will come away from this with a better understanding of the positive changes sport can bring.