HE Karim Massimov

H.E. Karim Massimov

Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Vice President NOC of Kazakhstan, President FAMA, Vice President IFMA


As the Vice President of IFMA and the President of the Federation of Amateur Muaythai of Asia, I have seen Muaythai go from strength to strength over the last decade; the sport has now reached household recognition across the five continents. It has gained great media attention with popular hit TV series, such as: ‘The Challenger Muaythai’ – which brings together athletes from across the world to train and compete with honour and in the spirit of cultural exchange and understanding.

Muaythai has also done amazing work giving back to the community. The sport has been a pivotal force with charitable programs such as ‘Muaythai Against Drugs’ and, the new program, ‘Sport Is Your Gang’. Seeing programs like these at work, shows me that Muaythai is more than just a sport – it is a true art. It is a catalyst for change in places where other projects have not succeeded.

When I envision the cultural exchange that will be available to athletes from all backgrounds, I cannot help but feel a sense of pride in the sport. Pride for its values and heritage; pride for those who practice it – for their dedication, and the exemplary role models they are, wherever they may be, around the world.

I look forward to seeing a new generation of children who will have the opportunity to take their passion for Muaythai all the way to the Olympic Games, and compete with respect and dedication for their sport on the ultimate world stage.

My best wishes go to the campaign for application to the IOC and to the World Games – this is a memorable day for Muaythai, and one that will see the sport reach the Olympic dream.

Message from  H.E. Karim Massimov
 Vice-President IFMA, President FAMA & Prime Minister of  Kazakhstan


The mysterious martial art that fights with 8 weapons or 8 limbs is holding its 17th  World Championships this year. Traditions take back to thousands of years ago, at the time when the Thai army used exclusively their body’s natural weapons in battles. They in fact believed in the philosophy of a manual called “Chupasart”, which conveys the use of each body part as being more important than weapons when engaged with total commitment from mind, body and soul.

Muaythai has gained a respectful position amongst the sports’ world; its popularity is in continuous growth, not only throughout Asia, which surely makes the Thai population rightfully proud. Muaythai is a sport that could not survive without its roots on the Thai culture and traditions. The result is that as the art is quickly spreading around, Thailand is consequentially also gaining popularity.

IFMA has been working harder and harder with the intent of reaching their main goal as an Olympic recognised sport and eventually entering the participation list for the Olympic Games. Five years ago SportAccord grated the martial art the honour of being included into their much respected organisation, which marked a major milestone for muaythai. The Federation of Amateur Muaythai of Asia (FAMA), the Continental Federation of IFMA in Asia, has been the first Continental Federation since 1991, which has long been supporting the work and efforts of IFMA.

As the president of the FAMA and in the name of the Kazakhstan population, I would like to extend the best wishes to His Majesty the King in honour of his 83rd birthday celebration, which will close the World Championships on the 5th of December.

Message from Karim Massimov
Prime Minister, Republic of Kazakhstan
Vice President IFMA         
President Federation Amateur Muaythai Asia
President Kazakhstan Muaythai Federation

Thailand has a proud history and muaythai with its values, tradition and cultures are part of Thailand’s history which are passed on from generation to generation.

The roots of muaythai can be dated back over a thousand years and undoubtedly must fill Thailand with joy and pride that the historic cultural aspects have remained an integral part of the sport as it is practised today.

More so, the Kingdom of Thailand must be truly proud that muaythai has become a world recognised sport under GAISF/Sportaccord and OCA and is included in many multi-sport games, from the Indoor Asian games, TAFISA, Arafura to the 2010 Sportaccord Combat games under the patronage of the IOC, which will mark another milestone for muaythai.

The next step must be the recognition of muaythai in the IOC and this has to be done united so that the sport can achieve the highest level.

For myself, as the Vice President of IFMA and the President of FAMA, it fills me with pride to be associated with so many fine athletes coming together in the spirit of fair play, cultural exchange and to implement cross cultural understanding. This is the foundation of the Olympic spirit.

I promise to continue to work hard, with all my colleagues to achieve IOC recognition and in my duty as the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and on a personal level, I wish His Majesty the King of Thailand a very happy 82nd birthday, and I proudly join in the celebrations with the Kingdom of Thailand.

Message from Karim Massimov
Prime Minister, Republic of Kazakhstan

Muaythai, with no doubt, is one of the most unique sports in the world.  The roots of muaythai date back over a thousand years and its development has remained true to its traditions.  The cultural aspects have always remained an integral part of the sport and will continue as it grows.

Muaythai has spread its wings from Asia to the world and has become a household name and the inclusion in GAISF has marked an important entry into the Olympic family.  The sport has been included in many prestigious games, TAFISA World Sport for All Games being one of them and is yet another important stepping stone for muaythai.  Furthermore, 2010 will see the first GAISF Martiad in which the IOC and GAISF acknowledged martial arts will join together for the first recognized games in the history of martial arts.

For myself, as the Vice-President of IFMA and the President of the Federation of Amateur Muaythai of Asia (FAMA), it fills me with immense pride to be associated with muaythai and especially at this year’s Games with the coming together of so many fine athletes.  Through the Games a healthy cultural exchange takes place which reflects the true value of Olympism.  From the bottom of my heart, I wish the TAFISA World Sport for All Games the best success and hope that all participants will remember these Games for years to come.

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