H.R.H. Prince Faisal Al Hussein, Founder and Chairman

Founder and Chairman of Generations For Peace, Chairman of the Peace Through Sport Committee, Olympic Council of Asia (2012)

I congratulate the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur (IFMA) on recognising the potential of Muaythai for peace building and positive youth development.

As Founder and Chairman of Generations For Peace, and as Chairman of the Olympic Council of Asia’s Peace Through Sport Committee, I see violence as a barrier to development and a cause of poverty. I believe peace building is a process of conflict transformation which involves addressing deep-rooted structural and cultural violence. And I have witnessed how sport offers a universal language for dialogue and interaction, providing a natural entry point and vehicle for integrated peace building and life skills education. Sport helps to change perspectives and stereotypes, forging greater understanding, tolerance and trust.

I am inspired each day by the dedication and achievements of youth leaders who volunteer their time and effort to make a positive difference in their communities. Youth leadership, community empowerment, active tolerance, and responsible citizenship, are the values at the heart of Generations For Peace.

Muaythai is growing in popularity and has proved itself as an established world sport on the elite stage. But it is so much more than this. His Majesty the King of Thailand has donated a trophy to tonight’s event, a mark of the special cultural role which this sport holds in the Kingdom of Thailand. Muaythai is deeply rooted in a culture of peace and personal discipline, and it promotes values which can guide the youth of today towards a positive role contributing to their community.

In this way sports like Muaythai have the opportunity to make an important social contribution to communities facing structural and cultural violence. When youth feel disengaged from their community; when they lack a voice, a sense of belonging, or positive role models to inspire them and to learn from; and when they feel no hope for the future; then communities suffer the destructive menace of gang culture and violent crime.

I therefore commend the IFMA on the launch of this important initiative: “Sport Is Your Gang” offers an alternative for youth who have come off the right path. Muaythai offers positive role models and opportunities for personal achievement and self-esteem, personal discipline and a sense of values, and a true sense of belonging.

I wish all the athletes, coaches, officials, and administrators the inspiration, courage, and determination to make “Sport Is Your Gang” a success in communities around the world, celebrating the spirit and values of Muaythai as a positive force for peace building and youth development.

Message from HRH Prince Feisal Al-Hussein of Jordan 
Founder and Chairman of Generations or Peace


Generations For Peace is a global organisation that uses sport to build tolerance, understanding and, ultimately, peace in communities blighted by conflict. I believe it is our duty to the future generations of our planet to create for them a world free from violence and prejudice; a world that unites them in their shared values of fair play, respect and responsibility.

I believe that muaythai also has an important role to play in promoting these values to the younger generation. Muaythai, like all sports, has the ability to instil self-discipline, friendship and harmony in children and young people. Thanks to its growing international reach, muaythai is making a significant contribution to the education of young leaders and has inspired peace all over the world.

That is why I am so proud to be associated with the IFMA World Championships 2010.

On behalf of everyone involved with Generations For Peace, I would like to welcome all spectators and team officials to this great competition, and to wish all the participants the very best of luck. In particular, I would like to offer His Majesty the King of Thailand my warmest congratulations on his 83rd birthday.
Yours, in friendship.

Message from H.R.H. Prince Feisal Al Hussein of Jordan
President of Jordan Olympic Committee
Chairman of Generations for Peace 
Chairman, Peace Through Sport Committee, OCA


It will be an unforgettable moment when over 10,000 enthusiastic participants come together in the spirit of Olympism, encouraging people to develop their physical, moral, intellectual, cultural and artistic qualities harmoniously. The TAFISA World Sport for All Games, which is under patronage of the IOC, is also fully supported by UNESCO and WHO.

Muaythai and IFMA are also supporters of the Generations For Peace initiative which utilises sport to empower youth leaders from countries and communities in conflict to act as agents of change to help inspire peace.

I would like to congratulate IFMA on their idea and execution of the cultural exchange program between Korean schools and the participating countries. This program will give all participants the chance to experience numerous from cultures from all continents.

Male and female athletes from 75 countries will come together to join the Sport for All Games and to compete in the IFMA World Muaythai Championships.

It is my pleasure to wish all participants the best of luck and I am sure that everyone will go home with treasured memories.


Message from H.R.H. Prince Feisal Al Hussein of Jordan
Chairman of Peace Through Sport Committee
Founder & Chairman of Generations For Peace
President of Jordan Olympic Committee
Member of IOC Women and Sport Commission


Muaythai is a unique martial art of distinguished history and traditional values.  I am pleased to observe the development of Muaythai and its recognition as a world sport under the SportAccord and the OCA.

Generations For Peace uses sport to empower leaders from countries and communities in conflict to act as agents of change and help instil peace.  It gives me the greatest pleasure to learn that the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur has taken to heart the Olympic spirit of combining sport, cultures, education, friendship and peace.

I am privileged to support the organization of the World Muaythai Championships and wish all participants every success in the competitions.

On behalf of the people of Jordan, I extend my sincere wishes to His Majesty the King of Thailand on the Celebrations of his 82nd birthday.




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