FIGHTNIGHT and Muaythai are getting the support of Brigitte Bardot!

The legendary actress, singer and fashion model, Brigitte Bardot, now socially involved with her foundation for animal welfare, has lent her support to the Saint Tropez FightNight along with WMC, IFMA and UN.


Promoter Olivier Muller stated that this is an important event to create social awareness of the positive change and contribution sport can make to society. “This year is very special as we will celebrate Brigitte’s birthday this coming September. We all here in St Tropez, owe a lot to Brigitte and it is important for me to contribute to this ‘other fight’ against mistreatment of animals throughout the world.”

The WMC President said that this is an important event to show that muaythai is based on important values and that giving back is an important part of the sport and art-form.

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Do Good Feel Good with the Green Shoots Foundation

LONDON – WMC Vice President and IFMA General Secretary Stephan Fox donned his muaythai shorts once again in support of his Do Good Feel Good campaign to inspire people to do good while getting a great work muaythai work out. Read More

Kuching Muaythai Charity Challenge

The Kuching Muaythai Association, located in Kuching, Sarawak province, Malaysia has been developing its sports program step by step, and giving back to the community in the process.

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