IFMA Attends this year’s ARISF/IOC Workshop at the 2018 SportAccord Convention

IMG-20170405-WA0006Another first for IFMA and Muaythai this year at the SportAccord Convention as IFMA now sits among the IOC recognised federations in ARISF. IFMA Vice President Rafal Szlachta and Sport Director Charissa Tynan had the opportunity to attend the ARISF/IOC workshop which was honoured with the presence of speakers from the various IOC departments. Read More

Muaythai er for Alle (…is for Every body!)

Denmark enjoyed a great boom in children’s participation of muaythai this year, with more and more gyms offering children’s classes, and children have become regulars at our events. Read More

May Muaythai in Denmark

On Saturday, 18th of May, the island of Funen will see its first ever amateur Muaythai event, in the island’s main city, Odense. Some people will know the city as the birthplace of Denmark’s famous author, Hans Christian Andersen.

As Denmark’s third largest city, Muaythai continues its expansion across the country, thanks to the work of the Danish Muaythai Federation.

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