A muaythai referee’s life – fair play and safety go hand in hand

Gunter Plank, head referee European Muaythai Federation

During a muaythai bout, the focus is naturally on the two athletes. But of course there is a third person; the referee. Ensuring fair play and safety for all as they go for gold. Read More

Fair Play is Key

Muaythai has a saying “we would rather lose in honour than win in dishonesty…” and fair play is one of the five pillars of Muaythai. It is important that all stakeholders in Muaythai are a part of this, and it must be ensured that athletes, coaches, doctors, and others of the entourage are sure that the winner is the real winner.

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24 SportAccord recognised federations which form the Alliance of Independent Members of SportAccord (AIMS) met in Belek to discuss the important issues such as Fair Play, Sport Integrity and the strategy of cooperation toward IOC recognition. Read More