Day 4 – The future of our Muaythai family on show!

2808 Germany 11 years old Wai Khru w Uzbek Kevin Papst

Uzbekistan and Germany have a Wai Khru war before they fight!

Seventy-six matches, a record number for the Youth World Championships and eight hours of fantastic performances to the capacity crowd at the 2016 IFMA Youth World Championships. Read More

Never Look Down on Anybody, Unless You Are Helping Them Back on Their Feet

Muaythai is built on five important pillars respect, honour, tradition, fair play and excellence.

Youth development is a very important part of Muaythai. The kids are our future, not just in the sport, but in life. Muaythai is more than just a martial art, in fact, it is a way of life, and for the children, it is not all about competition. Through the various aspects in the sport and cultural art form, children are taught important values, goal, and learn to respect their opponents, cultural values and understanding, and above all, to have friends.

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Athlete Commission Meets Executive Board

A special meeting was held between the IFMA Athletes Commission, chaired by multiple IFMA World Champion Valentina Schevchenko, and representatives of the World and Asian Youth Commission. IFMA was represented by General Secretary Stephan Fox, IFMA Executive Board member Dato’ Shahnaz, and FAMA General Secretary, IFMA Executive Board member, and chairman of the IFMA Legal Commission, Mervyn Tan.

Valentina gave a brief report on the Youth Commission’s meeting both in Langkawi, Malaysia and during the Asian Beach Games with some recommendations to the Executive Board. Valentina also thanked the Board on behalf of all athletes for the truly active role the athletes have been able to have within IFMA, as she has been an active fighter since 2003, fighting at every championship and seeing the standard improve at every event.

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