Youth athletes honour the history of muaythai in Muay Boran contest

Everyone has seen the famous Ong Bak movie, which made Muay Boran world-famous and showed the effectiveness of the unarmed combat from the old battlefieds of Siam.This week the young athletes took these ancient maneuvers and made them their own. Read More

Muaythai Strikes a Chord at the SportAccord Convention


It was an amazing SportAccord Convention in Thailand – the motherland of Muaythai, and the event was full of Thai traditions of which Muaythai is an inseparable part. Read More

Muaythai Youth of the World United

The opening of the IFMA Kids and Juniors World Championships 2013 must be described as a cultural milestone. Over 400 kids from forty countries travelled to the beautiful city of Istanbul to take part in this proud chapter in IFMA’s history. Seeing the enthusiasm in the eyes of these children and youth made the event even more special.

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