Germany: Do Muaythai Not Drugs

Muaythai Bund Deutschland, under the presidency of Detlef Türnau, successfully implemented and launched the social project “Do Muaythai Not Drugs” in 2014.

Licensed Muaythai Trainers worked together with Schools, youth services, health insurances, financial institutions, social workers, the police and other supporters in the social project.

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Age Does Not Matter

Ping Ki Wong is one of the top technical officials of IFMA but also a stern supporter of the IFMA and WMC ‘Sport is your Gang’ and ‘Muaythai Against Drugs (MAD)’ campaign. 52 years young, he decided to raise money for charity and fought for the prestigious WMC MAD Belt in a special match verses David Kwon at the WMC ‘The One Legend’ event in Hong Kong.

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South Africa Gets a “Kick” out of Social Responsibilities!!!

In honour of Madiba’s birthday this Thursday 18th of July, The South African Amateur Muaythai Federation will be hosting “Kick and Roll the Habit”, a 67 minute Muaythai event challenge. This international challenge was started to create awareness around the violence, drugs and drug addiction  which surrounds us every day and a negative influence on our future decision makers, our kids from our social development program Muaythai Against Drugs.

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