FITNESS FIRST in Muaythai Fever “Muaythai for Every Body”

FITNESS FIRST, the world’s largest fitness chain with over 430 clubs with over 1.3 million members globally has adopted muaythai into their fitness programs.

FITNESS FIRST, a staunch supporter of muaythai and Contender Asia and one of the main sponsors of The Challenger Muaythai, is now incorporating muaythai into FITNESS FIRST health clubs for their members to learn and incorporate Muaythai techniques with high energy levels, strength and agility into your fitness regime.

To celebrate the launch of “Muaythai for Fitness”, a special press workshop was held at FITNESS FIRST Malaysia.
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Muaythai Fever in Malaysia – Muaythai Fit Warrior Competition

Fighters from the 3 Zones of Malaysia (Central, East Coast & West Coast) competed for the Muaythai Fit Warrior competition.

On the 7th and 8th May, the event will move to the East Malaysia Zone at Sarawak for the next round of selections there before heading over to Putrajaya on Malaysia’s national Youth Day at the end of May. Champions and runners up will battle in front of a massive crowd of 1 million youths.