Crunch-time for amateur muaythai in Canada and America


Amateur muaythai is on the move in North America with national championships taking place in Canada and America shortly.

Canada is up first with nationals on Saturday and Sunday this week organised by Muaythai Canada. Champions from this tournament represent Canada on the world stage, heading first to the Pan-Americans in Peru next month, and then to the IFMA World and Junior World Tournaments. Read More

Peru, The First Team To Arrive

Peru may be a small country in size but is a fantastic sporting nation where muaythai is a fully recognised sport by the NOC and Sports Ministry. Peru was the first team to arrive for the preparation for the upcoming Royal World Cup to participate in the 6 week training camp using different gym facilities around Thailand not just for training, but also for cultural exchange and understanding. Read More

Peru’s Take on “Sport Is Your Gang”

The Peruvian Muaythai Federation under the leadership of Rodrigo Jorquera is making some exceptional efforts towards the goals of the Sport Is Your Gang initiative. Read More