Muaythai Against Drugs in Stargard Szczecinski

The Polish Muaythai Against Drugs Festival ended on the evening of 21st of April in the city of Stargard Szczecinski. Muaythai Against Drugs is a worldwide campaign, which began ten years ago.

It focuses on encouraging disadvantaged children and youth to stay in school and make the most of their education. Learning the discipline and values of the cultural art of Muaythai, youth are able to find new opportunities in their lives and avoid a drug lifestyle.

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Polish Muaythai Charity Gala

The Polish city of Zary hosted the “VI Muaythai Charity Gala” featuring eighty amateur athletes from all regions of Poland.

This is an annual event which keeps growing, as the skill level displayed continues to rise and the event draws more and more spectators from the city of Zary every year.

The event is organized by the Zarski Klub Sportow Walki, as a fundraising action for charity. All collected funds are transferred to Zary Elementary School No.3, and are intended for language courses.

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Open Polish Muaythai Cup: November 10-11

The Open Polish Muaythai Cup with Muaythai Against Drugs will be held from November 10th-11th in the beautiful and historic city of Bydgoszcz, Poland.

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