IFMA World Championships Medals awarded to over 20 countries

This year at the IFMA World Championships over 20 countries shared the medal podiums which shows how strongly Muaythai has grown around the world.

The teams competed across men’s, women’s and junior male and female contests with some teams entering boxers in all categories. Senior level male fighters are split into two divisions depending on ability.

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Asian Beach Games Recap: Full House at Muaythai Finals

The final day of Muaythai at the Asian Beach Games saw a record number for the games. The stadium had to be extended and rebuilt to accommodate for the spectators which was a testament to the popularity of Muaythai at the Games. Many executives from the OCA, local governments and embassies booked their seats early for the VIP section and all were truly filled with Muaythai fever.

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Asian Beach Games Muaythai: Day 4 Semi-finals Recap and Results

The highly-anticipated semi-finals of Muaythai in the Asian Beach Games was packed full 30 minutes before the first bouts even started, which showed how popular Muaythai was at the Games. Team Thailand had massive support as the colourful Thai fans came with drums and scores of cheerleaders. Team Iran and Kazakhstan also showed up with a huge following present to support their superstars. The semi-finals of Muaythai in the Asian Beach Games was another great promotion for the Asian Beach Games, Muaythai and the beautiful city of Phuket.

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