Asian Beach Games Muaythai: Day 3 Recap and Results

Day three of the Muaythai competitions has been another great day for the Muaythai and the Asian Beach Games in the spirit of sport, competition and unity. The stadium at Patong beach was once again filled to capacity with many people being turned away at the door and despite all that, spectators were able to view the bouts on the screens.

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Asian Beach Games Muaythai: Day 2 Recap and Results

The second day of Muaythai competitions did not disappoint in the least. The beach stadium set up in the middle of beautiful Patong beach was once again filled to capacity. VIPs and spectators alike thoroughly enjoyed the fierce competition that showcased Muaythai and the 5 pillars of Muaythai: respect, honour, tradition, fairplay and excellence.

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Muaythai on the Beach in Phuket: Day 1 Recap and Results

On the fourth day of the 4th Asian Beach Games in Phuket, Thailand, the long awaited Muaythai competition started and it was beyond anyone’s expectations.

The beach stadium set in the middle of Patong beach, in the most beautiful setting was filled to the bursting point; in fact, the stadiums were so full that people had to be turned away at the door as there was no room inside and had to watch the action from the screens.

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