Match ups for 2013 WCG

The Park Inn Pribaltiskaya Hotel meeting room was packed to the last seat with no standing room for the athletes weigh in for the 2013 Sport Accord World Combat Games. The IFMA President Sakchye Tapsuwan made a moving speech welcoming all the athletes to the second addition of the Combat Games. Read More

The World Celebrates Muaythai Day

The 6th of February was officially declared Muaythai Day, held in honour of the historic King Sanphet VIII (also known as “Phra Chao Suea” the “Tiger King”), to mark his coronation day in 1702.

Yesterday marked the historical inauguration of celebrations worldwide, and also by the Royal Thai government with a festival jointly organised by the Royal Thai Government and National Culture Commission at the Ministry of Culture yesterday.

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Royal Thai Government congratulates SportAccord!

His Excellency Abhisit Vejjajivathe Prime Minister of Thailand, assigned the Deputy Prime Minister, Major General Sanan Kajornprasart, to welcome the delegation of the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur, and the National Thai Association in Parliament House. The delegation was led by General Chetta Thanajaro, the Honorary President of the Olympic Committee of Thailand, and President of the WMC. IFMA was represented by the President Dr Sakchye Tapsuwan, and the General Secretary Mr. Stephan Fox.

The Deputy Prime Minister first thanked SportAccord and the City of Beijing on this historical martial art event, and as a Thai he feels proud that muaythai is one of the 13 world recognised martial arts and combat sports. He also thanked the international federation for all their hard work in taking muaythai to the highest level.

The Deputy Prime Minister congratulated the qualifying Thai National team, wishing them luck, and to make the Kingdom proud by showcasing the values and ethics of muaythai both in and out of the competition. He also congratulated the muaythai Ambassador Ms Gavintra Photijak, who will show the world the grace and beauty of muaythai and of the Kingdom of Thailand. He wished all other participating countries in muaythai the best of success, and showed a special interest in the beautiful uniforms which incorporate the theme and colours of the SportAccord Combat Games.

General Kajornprasart especially thanked again SportAccord for all the cultural activities during the event, and was particularly pleased to hear of the planned Cultural Forum, Cultural Square etc. He was very pleased with the activity of the Cultural Night for invited embassies, SportAccord and many dignitaries which will be jointly hosted by the Royal Thai government and IFMA.