Slovenia Muaythai Preparing for the Royal World Cup!

Novo Mesto, Slovenia will be the center of Slovenia amateur Muaythai at the end of this month as the IMTL Finals will be held on the 30th of May in the Drska Sports Hall arena.

The IMTL has grown into one of the strongest regional amateur Muaythai competitions with 24 gyms from 12 different countries coming together to participate, compete and exchange friendship and culture through the art and sport of Muaythai. Read More

Slovenian Muaythai Federation Shows Their Support for Peace and Sport

The Slovenian Muaythai Federation joined in the world-wide Peace and Sport international 2015 #WhiteCard campaign, Play Your Peace. The federation also organized a day of free training for youth at the local Scorpion Gym, after which all the participants raised a white card or “blanc carton,” in support of the global movement for peace around the world.

Muaythai has been in close partnership with Peace and Sport since 2011 and the IFMA social initiative, Sport is Your Gang, has been in active support for peace in local communities around the world, working in conjunction with Peace and Sport.

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7-Nation European Muaythai League Finals

The Slovenian Capital city of Dolenjska Novo Mesto, will again host the finals of the Muaythai League staging the traditional event “Situlae the night of champions” at the Drska Sports Hall this Saturday 15th of March. The event is organized by the Scorpion Gym and is under the patronage of Slovenian Muaythai federation and the township of Novo Mesto. Read More