Scorpion gym Novo mesto hosted the final round of MTL in its hometown of Novo mesto, Slovenia. The competition, which was under the patronage of IFMA/WMC and is recognised by the Slovenian national Olympic committee, was a gathering of some 46 male, female, junior and children fighters from 5 countries. Read More

The Slovenian Muaythai League 2nd round competition!!

We are excited to announce the second round of the SMTL (Slovenian MuayThai League) to be held on 12th June 2010 in Novo Mesto, Slovenia at Sport Hall OS Drska.

The competition kicks off at 6pm with an exciting line-up featuring talent from Germany, Croatia, Serbia and the Czech Republic, and of course Slovenia. This should make for a fantastic show – come out and support your favourites!

Please see attached poster for more details.

1st Round of IFMA Slovenian Muaythai League a Smash!

On March 6th, spectators who filled the Celje Sports Hall witnessed some great muaythai matches between athletes from Slovenia, Croatia, the Czech Republic and Serbia at the first round of the Slovenian Muaythai League, organised by Mr. Dejan Taveer of the local Warrior Gym under the Slovenian Muaythai Federation.

The Best Boxer Award went to Franci Grajs, silver medallist at the 2007 IFMA World Championships and the award for Best Team went to the Novo Mesto based Scorpion Gym.



-63.5kg Monika Jakse (Scorpion gym) vs Domenika Mergl (pit 119, Croatia) 0:3
-67kg Neza Petek ( Khun kao) vs Marija Mikolcevic (Adriatic gym, Croatia) 0:3


-60kg Ziga Gril (Scorpion gym) vs Rok Butala ( KTB Crnomelj) 3:0
-67kg Goran Kudjelic (pit 119, Croatia) vs Filip Gagula (Tigar Cikatic, Croatia) 0:3
-67kg Jurica Sintic (Adriatic gym, Croatia) vs Michael Krcmar(Lana gym, Czech rep.) 0:3
-71kg Timotej Furlan (Yaksha gym) vs Zrinko Pernat (Tigar Cikatic, Croatia) 2:1
-71kg Mauro Miljkovic (Spartan gym, Croatia) vs Miljat Peric (Adriatic gym, Croatia) 0:3
-71kg Samo Petje (pit 119, Croatia) vs Bostjan Frlez (Warrior gym) TKO 2R
-71kg Mirko Vorkapic (Scorpion gym) vs Aleksandar Nadj (Mtg Vojvodina, Serbia) KO 2R
-75kg Danijel Simundic (Spartan gym, Croatia) vs Thomas Lahoda (Lana gym,Czech rep) 1:2
-75kg Karlo Strizic (Spartan gym, Croatia) vs Zugelj Bostjan(Ktb Crnomelj) 3:0
-81kg Miodrag Lovre (Yaksha gym) vs Filip Petrusic (Adriatic gym, Croatia) KO 3R
-81kg Jure Cesar (pit 119, Croatia) vs Sebastijan Maister (khun kao) 0:3
-81kg Denis Fifolt ( Scorpion gym) vs Pavle Furlan ( Khun kao) TKO 3R
-86kg Ivo Dokuza (Spartan, Croatia) vs Ivan Kulic (Tigar Cikatic, Croatia) 3:0
-91kg Franci Grajs (Scorpion gym) vs Luka Stasic (Mtg Vojvodina, Serbia) TKO 3R
+91kg Rok Strucl (Scorpion gym) vs Srdan Seles (Mtg Vojvodina, Serbia) 1:2
+91kg Dajan Pavlovic (Warrior gym) vs Jan Drn (Lanna gym Czech republic) 0:3

Congratulations to the organisers and all athletes for a triumphant event!
Stay tuned for the 2nd round of the Slovenian Muaythai League which is to be held in No