Dubai Muaythai success

After the success of the first “War on the Shore” event in Dubai, Muaythai made a triumphant return for round two.

Organised by the Dubai Fight Academy and sanctioned by the World Muaythai Council,the International of Federation Amateur and the legal FAMA “War on the Shore 2” had the amphitheatre at the Le Meridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina filled to capacity.

Six action-packed international fights had the crowd on the edge of their seats (or standing on them!) for the duration of the event, and the fighters showed both stylish Muaythai technique and courage. The undercard was sanctioned by FAMA (member of IFMA) with most fighters from the local region.

The main card included fighters from around the world

Mohammed “The Tiger” Sanad (UAE) defeated George “Thaitanium George” Micouris (SOUTH AFRICA) – A great promotion for Muaythai with a very close decison showing that UAE has some great talents.

Najmeddin “Scorpion” Al Haddad (CANADA) defeated – Zinolabedin “The Iranian Rocket” Zokaeyan (IRAN) – Another great international fight Canada taking the decision.

Ahmed “Kamikaze” Saadi (TUNISIA) defeated Artem “Psycho” Myagkov (RUSSIA) – 4R KO.

Tunesia showing that they are with no doubt a force in the sport of Muaythai winning by 4rd TKO.

Abdallah “Hooligan” Abou Hamdan (LEBANON) defeated Ian Coe (UNITED KINGDOM) -A great display by Lebanon getting ready for the Indoor Asian games with a win over England bringing confidence to the Lebanon team.

Claude “The Dynamite” Kouam (CAMEROON) defeated Aymen Ben Ali (TUNISIA) – Cameroon another new member of IFMA showed that they are ready for the upcoming IFMA World championship with a convincing win showing the development of Muaythai in the IFMA region thanks to the hard work of WMC and IFMA.

Malik Omarov (RUSSIA) defeated Olley Watson (UNITED KINGDOM) – Russia one of the worls powerhouses showed again why they will be one of the contnders to win the overall World championship this year with a convincing win.

The night was a huge success – great fights, great atmosphere, and certainly indicative of the strong development and rising popularity of Muaythai in Dubai under the WMC IFMA ,FAMA and the Dubai Fight Academy.


Dubai Fight Academy, a member of the World Muaythai Council (WMC), International Federation of Muaythai Amateur (IFMA) and Federation of Muaythai Asia (FAMA) organized the first ever officially sanctioned Muaythai event in Dubai – WAR on the SHORE, which packed the Le Meridien Mina Seyahi Amphitheatre to bursting point and received huge media interest around the world.

The undercard was sanctioned under IFMA and FAMA and the much anticipated title fights were sanctioned under WMC, the first of which was a Middle East Light Heavyweight title fight that saw Abdallah Abou Hamdan (82kg) take on Vahid Mahdavi (80kg) over five rounds of world class Muaythai, with Abdallah winning on a points decision.

This was followed by a title fight for the vacant WMC Middle East Heavyweight Title between Ramazan Ramazanov (93kg) and Evert Fyeet (94kg), with Ramazan in superb form unleashing his full Muaythai arsenal and leaving the referee no option but to stop the fight in the fourth.

The final fight was for the WMC Middle East Super Heavyweight Title between Dzhamal Kasumov (108kg) and Roger Pinas (104kg) and was the one the audience had been waiting for – Dubai came alive as the two super heavyweights went to war over five rounds of non-stop action. Both boys were going toe to toe, but in the fifth round Kasumov gave it his all and caught Pinas off guard and the referee stepped in to stop the fight.

Congratulations to the Dubai Fight Academy on what was certainly a great night and promotion for Muaythai. WAR on the SHORE will be televised on Fox Sport, UBC and the WMC Network and the next Dubai event is already in planning.