2015 University World Cup Opening Ceremony Highlights

The Ancient Art of Muay Boran

Muaythai Explained

Muaythai Anthem

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2015 University World Cup Opening Ceremony Highlights

Posted on Mar 23, 20151

The Ancient Art of Muay Boran

Posted on Nov 26, 20132

Muaythai Explained

Posted on Nov 26, 20133

Muaythai Anthem

Posted on Aug 25, 20124

IFMA Awards 2015 – Voting Opens!

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IFMA Awards 2015


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The Torch of Life

102 countries will participate in this year’s WC and the theme of the event is call the Torch of Life.

This is very much in tradition of muaythai in which tradition and respect play an important role. The youth are our future and the event is based around the youth from all the world coming together in fun, cultural and sporting exchange carrying the torch of life in muaythai to a time many of us will not see anymore.

Muaythai is over 1000 years old passed down from generation to generation taking with them values which for others are long forgotten but if you see the smiles, the friendship, the way these kids interact not just at a championship but after through social networking, staying friends and that is the true spirit of such an event to build something much larger than ourselves and through this outstanding young ambassadors leave the legacy behind.

The Kiwis are Ready to Rock the Royal World Cup!

This will be the biggest team NZ has ever sent to the World championships and definitely the biggest junior team. With 35 + athletes and over 40 supporters traveling to Bangkok, mostly mums and dads who have put in countless hours to support their children as they train and prepare for the championships. This year’s team will also boast the largest female athlete delegation in the history of Team NZ! Read More

Thailand National Stadium to Host the Royal World Cup

Having served as the main arena for the Asian Games and Asian Football Competitions before, the Thailand National Stadium will host the 2015 IFMA Royal World Cup, opening its gates for more than 2000 participants from 102 countries; offering its legendary premises to the athletes, spectators, distinguished guests from the IOC, IWGA, FISU as well as many political personalities and non-governmental organisations.

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National Channel Signs Contract with IFMA

National Media – The biggest News Channel in Thailand has signed an agreement with IFMA in the presence of the chairman of the Organising Committee, General Chetta Thanajaro, President of IFMA Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan, representative of the the Amateur Muaythai Association of Thailand under Royal Patronage of HRH Crown Prince of Thailand, Kajorn Prowsree, IFMA General Secretary, Stephan Fox and Sport Director, Charissa Tynan. Read More

Ambassador Hotel, the official hotel for the IFMA Royal World Cup 2015

The Ambassador Hotel, one of the largest hotels and convention centres in Bangkok, will be the official hotel for the IFMA world Cup 2015. The hotel with nearly 800 rooms and many convention facilities is in the heart of Bangkok in the shopping and entertainment district with the BTS and MRT within walking distance.Inline images 1 Read More

And the nominees are…

We are proud to announce the nominees for the IFMA award ceremony that will be held at the Muaythai Gala “A Night of Olympism”, as a special part of the Royal World Cup 2015. The Awards are aimed at recognising and honouring excellence and sincerity in the sport of Muaythai. It celebrates individuals and entities that have had outstanding achievements or made significant contributions to betterment of society from among the IFMA National Federations. Read More

Muaythai First Sport to Open Qualification Series for the World Games 2017

IWGA President José Perurena has spoken about the upcoming World Games in the city of Wroclaw and told that muaythai is the first sport to hold the qualifying event for the World Games 2017 in Poland.

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The World of Sport meets in Bangkok

A very important sport meeting is taking place 2 days before the Opening of the IFMA Royal World Cup, where the 23 world-recognised non-Olympic sport will meet for an Extraordinary General Assembly and many other workshops. Muaythai is a member of the recognised world sport community since 2006 and this year, IFMA General Secretary Stephan Fox has been elected the AIMS President.

The meeting is packed with important topics and the world of sport is sending leading representatives to be part of this meeting from the IOC, World Games, FISU, OCA and many guest speakers will be part of the workshops. Read More

Muaythai in China in Full Steam

China is a country with a proud martial arts history, the country of wushu, kung fu which history goes back thousands of years.

Chinese martial art is filled with ancient traditions and values like muaythai and therefore there is a very close relationship between the two martial arts.

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Night of Olympism at the Royal World Cup 2015

IFMA and muaythai have truly gained world sporting recognition by SportAccord, OCA, TAFISA, IWGA, FISU and is in the process for IOC recognition.

IFMA Royal World Cup will see over 2500 athletes and officials, delegates coming for this ten-day event with one of the highlights being the Night of Olympism to celebrate and honour the five pillars of muaythai – Respect, Honour, Tradition, Fair Play, Excellence.

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IFMA Congratulates FISU and the City of Gwangju on the Bright 28th Summer Universiade

With a bright and vivid Closing Ceremony the 28th Summer Universiade came to an end on Tuesday night July 14th at Gwangju Universiade Main Stadium. IFMA congratulates both FISU and the organisers of the event on the outstanding event IFMA is thanking FISU for the special invitation to 28th Universiade and Muaythai is looking forward to the FISU 2018 Muaythai World Championships.

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One Month till the Grand Opening of the Royal World Cup

Thailand was deeply honoured when the IFMA World executive board  in 2014, announced it as the winning bidder for the World Cup 2015. The Amateur Muaythai Association of Thailand under Royal patronage, IFMA solely representing Muaythai in Thailand and the Thai government went immediately to work.

It has been six years since Thailand was given a major world event and the Royal Family is donating 4 trophies for this event. Read More

Awareness of TWG 2017 on the Rise

The Wroclaw Organizing Committee has issued the result of a poll concerning The World Games 2017. One of the positive results: the awareness of citizens that the City of Wroclaw will host this event in 2017 has nearly doubled in the last seven months. The event will be held from 20 – 30 July 2017 where muaythai is in the official programme of the Games.

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